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Alliance for a Healthier Rhode Island

Many are no longer sweet on soft drinks -- Communities, hospitals and others coast to coast are considering bans or taxes to curb consumption and combat obesity
July 8, 2012

Americans Score a "D" on National Oral Health Quiz -- ADA Launches New Website to Help Improve Public's Oral Health
June 25, 2012

Too Big to Chug: How Our Sodas Got So Huge -- Our love affair with soda has led to outrageously supersized drink sizes.
June 25, 2012

Cranberry industry wary of upcoming nutrition standards
June 24, 2012

Cambridge, Massachusetts Wants in on Controversial Soda Ban
June 19, 2012

Sprite donates $20,000 to fix Providence basketball courts
June 15, 2012

Bloomberg deserves praise, not derision for advocating Big Gulp ban
June 14, 2012

Highlights from the National Soda Summit
June 11, 2012

Surprising Support for Curbs on Soda Serving Sizes: Poll
June 7, 2012

What Is Food?
June 5, 2012

New York Plans to Ban Sale of Big Sizes of Sugary Drinks
May 30, 2012

Beverage Industry Responds to British Medical Journal Paper on Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Taxes
May 15, 2012

Accelerating Progress in Obesity Prevention: Solving the Weight of the Nation
May 8, 2012

Schools key to fighting America's obesity
May 8, 2012

Soft drinks: Public enemy No.1 in obesity fight?
April 27, 2012

Soda Tax Talking Point Ignores Gas Prices, Logic
April 11, 2012

Sugar-Sweetened Drinks increases the Risk of Heart Disease in Men and Women, Study revealed
March 26, 2012

UPDATE 2-U.S. soda consumption fell faster in 2011
March 20, 2012

If Coca-Cola Doesn't Market to Kids, Why Do They Sell Toys?
March 6, 2012

Rhode Island Beverage Association lobbying expenditures in RI

American Beverage Association lobbying expenditures in RI

Vermont coalition renews call for tax on sugar-sweetened beverages
February 25, 2012

Sugar sweetened drinks linked to obesity, health problems
February 23, 2012

Drop 5 pounds by swapping soda for water: study
February 15, 2012

From the opposition (it's all about "delivering choices")
February 5, 2012

Societal Control of Sugar Essential to Ease Public Health Burden
February 2, 2012

UVM One of First Universities to End Sales of Bottled Water, Mandate Healthy Vending Options
January 31, 2012

Top 35 Biggest Spenders on Smith Hill
January 23, 2012

Oregon doctor: Tax soda to create jobs
January 12, 2012

Higher Tax On Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Could Prevent Obesity And Diabetes Cases, Study Says
January 12, 2012

Soda tax could prevent 26,000 premature deaths, study finds
January 10, 2012

New Study Predicts Nationwide Tax on Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Would Prevent
Thousands of Heart Attacks, Strokes and Cases of Diabetes

January 9, 2012

Wary of Energy Drinks in an Adrenaline Sport
January 7, 2012

Can Mountain Dew Really Dissolve a Mouse Carcass?
January 5, 2012

Lincoln senator would tax soda pop to help fight childhood obesity
January 4, 2012

French authorities approve soda tax legislation
January 3, 2012

Contra Costa Times Your Turn: Soda tax is an excellent tool in fighting obesity
December 24, 2011

Calorie Info Helps Teens Choose Water Over Sugary Drinks
December 15, 2011

Reduction in Purchases of Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Among Low-Income Black Adolescents
After Exposure to Caloric Information

December 15, 2011

Sweet Dilemma: Vending Machine Ban on Junk Food Costing Schools
December 13, 2011

RI city considering ads on school buses
December 11, 2011

The Not So Sweet Story of Sugar
December 9, 2011

Clark Says Coca-Cola Uses Social Media for Marketing
December 9, 2011

Lawmaker pushes for ads on school buses
December 2, 2011

A Recipe For Change: Flavored Milk HQ
October 19, 2011

Carney Hospital bans sugar sweetened beverages
June 3, 2011

Carney Hospital bans sugar sweetened beverages
April 7, 2011

UVM One of First Universities to End Sales of Bottled Water, Mandate Healthy Vending Options
January 6, 2010

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